Social Contract

Version 0.01 (Updated on December 31, 1969)
When playing, you agree to these terms: 1) One account per person. No account sharing or giving away. 2) Play fairly 3) Do not insult or harrass other players 4) Respect privacy Violations of these rules can lead to temporary or permanent account locks.

People from all over the world are participating in this game and its community. Limited communication and cultural differences require us to agree on a common etiquette and rules of behaviour. That is what this social contract does. It is an agreement between you and all other players about proper behaviour. You will have to agree to this contract in order to play the game. You will also have to agree to it again every time the contract changes. That way, you can be sure that everyone else playing with you has also accepted these rules.

Accounts Your account in the game is yours and yours alone. You may not share it with someone else nor give it to anyone, not even temporarily. You may only have one account at any time. You can, even though we discourage it, delete your account and start a new one. You are not allowed to have more than one active account at any time for any reason. Official GameMasters occasionally have more than one account for the purpose of in-game events (invasions, awards, etc) only.

Fair Play
You can not win The Golden Era. Therefore, playing together is more important to us than playing against each other. We expect you to play the game as you would play a board game with good friends, and to value fair play above any victory or power. No verbal attacks, insults or harrassment of other players. Err on the side of caution, especially if you don't know the other player well. Note that during roleplays, characters can be played as aggressive, as long as it is clear and obvious that the opposite character is the target, not the player behind him. Do not publicly accuse anyone of cheating, abuses or violations of this contract without proof or evidence. Do not exploit bugs to gain in-game advantages. Bring them to the attention of the administrative team so we can fix them. If you are not sure if something that seems odd is a bug or not, ask.

Personal Information
The personal information you enter will be kept on the game server and not given to any third parties. If you choose to make your information public, it will be published on this site. You agree to not give the personal information of other players to any third parties.

We reserve the right to remove players who violate this contract from the game without warning. We use that option very rarely, but it has been used.